This course will examine Operations research, which is a scientific discipline that involves using 
mathematics and analytical principles to aid problem-solving and decision-making for 
organizations. The Operations Research and Management Science (ORMS) major is designed for 
students in the College of Letters & Science. It provides a solid foundation in the quantitative, 
model building, and problem-solving skills of operations research and management science. It also 
gives students the flexibility to learn more about a particular field of interest to them in which they 
can apply these skills.


Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:
A. Articulate and implement the foundational knowledge and practices of Operational Management.
B. Show forth evidence through practical application of Operations Management
C. Increase the performance and development of business and ministry operations.
D. Demonstrate effective ability to teach and challenge other leaders and colleagues to be more proficient in Operations Management.
E. Explain how they will use Operations Management in their daily life.